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3 Dental Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore


You might put off going to your dentist’s office, but there are certain warning signs you can’t wait around on before getting checked out. If you’re suffering from any of the following dental symptoms, you shouldn’t wait to see a dentist under any circumstances! Feeling uneasy at the dentist is a lot better than the potential alternatives…


  1. Gum Bleeding or Tooth Pain- If you start feeling aches, pains, or general discomfort in your gum or tooth area, make sure to call your dentist and book an appointment as soon as possible. These pains can mean many different things that vary in severity, but all of them should be seen by a doctor. Bleeding gums can mean you have, or are developing, serious gum disease, while toothache or sensitivity can indicate tooth decay, gum disease, and even teeth grinding.


  1. Recurring Bad Breath (Halitosis): If you have bad breath that simply won’t go away no matter how you brush your teeth and no matter what mouthwashes you use, your dental routine could be perfectly healthy but you could be suffering from an underlying condition. Bad breath can be a symptom of diabetes, chronic lung infection, and even liver or kidney disease. Fix your bad breath by seeing your dentist.


  1. Sores or Lumps in Mouth: If you constantly suffer from sores and other mouth lacerations, you need to visit your dentist as these could be signs of oral cancer and must be treated in a timely fashion. Oral cancer is especially prevalent in people who smoke or chew tobacco. If your mouth has rough patches, sores constantly bleeding or appearing, or irregular tissue in the mouth, an appointment to see your dentist could be the most important visit you make.


Our mouths are full of unique bodily functions and exposed to a whole host of both good and bad bacteria. While we think of our mouths as part of eating and digestion, our mouths also serve as a good indicator of our general health and can reflect health issues affecting the rest of our body. Pay attention to your oral health, and remember to book that dentist appointment!



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