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Cosmetic Dentistry in Woodland Hills

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Bonding is among the easiest and least expensive cosmetic dental procedures. The resin used in bonding can be shaped and polished to match the surrounding teeth. Tooth bonding benefits both your oral health and improves your appearance. It may be recommended for several reasons:

  • Repairing chipped or cracked teeth
  • Fixing gaps in teeth
  • Concealing discoloration

The Bonding Procedure

The bonding process can be completed in one visit, usually taking between 30-60 minutes to complete.

Initially, a shade of composite resin is matched to the shade of your teeth as closely as possible.

Then, an adhering liquid is applied to help the bonding material hold to your teeth.

Once the resin adheres, it is smoothed to the desired shape and hardened with a high-intensity light.

Once hardened, some final touchups are made, and the area is polished to resemble the rest of your teeth.

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White Fillings in Woodland Hills, CA

An increasingly popular alternative to silver amalgam fillings is composite white fillings. Unlike amalgam fillings, composite fillings are virtually invisible, and our team at Gentle Dentistry of Lancaster can shade them according to the color of your teeth to create a perfect match, giving you a beautiful, white smile!

Benefits of Composite White Fillings

  • Created to match your tooth to ensure a natural look and feel
  • Because composite fillings can be created in smaller preparations, less of your tooth structure is lost and less drilling is needed
  • The material is made from acrylic and glass particles, containing no mercury or other metals
  • Provides support to remaining tooth structure and insulates against temperature changes

The Filling Process

  • First, the targeted tooth is prepared to remove decay
  • Next, a bonding agent is applied to the prepared tooth
  • The composite material is placed and molded to your tooth structure
  • The material is hardened by focusing intense light rays on it for about a minute

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Cosmetic Contouring in Woodland Hills, CA

Cosmetic contouring is a minor and relatively inexpensive procedure that sculpts the tooth into the desired shape. A dental instrument is used to reduce parts of the tooth’s surface to eliminate imperfections. It is a generally painless procedure and can be done to correct several types of dental irregularities, including:

  • Long teeth
  • Minor chips in the teeth
  • Irregularly shaped teeth
  • Slightly overlapping teeth

Dental Bridges In Woodland Hills, CA

Dental bridges literally bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. A bridge is made up of two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap (these anchoring teeth are called abutment teeth) and a false tooth or teeth in between. These false teeth are called pontics and can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials. Dental bridges are supported by natural teeth or implants.

Bridges can:

  • Restore your smile
  • Restore the ability to properly chew and speak
  • Maintain the shape of your face
  • Distribute the forces in your bite properly by replacing missing teeth
  • Prevent remaining teeth from drifting out of position

The Dental Bridge Procedure

During the first visit, the abutment teeth are prepared for the crown. Preparation involves recontouring these teeth by removing a portion of enamel to allow room for a crown to be placed over them. Next, impressions of your teeth are made, which serve as a model from which the bridge, pontic, and crowns will be made by a dental laboratory. Your dentist will make a temporary bridge for you to wear to protect the exposed teeth and gums while your bridge is being made.

During the second visit, your temporary bridge will be removed and the new permanent bridge will be checked and adjusted, as necessary, to achieve a proper fit. Multiple visits may be required to check the fit of the metal framework and bite. This is dependent on each individual’s case.

Invisalign In Woodland Hills, CA

Invisalign is a treatment that straightens your teeth without worrying about how you will look with metal braces on. Invisalign aligners look very much like a clear plastic retainer does and work the same way traditional braces do. One of Invisalign’s many advantages is that you can remove the aligners anytime you need or want to: before eating, brushing, flossing, or even going somewhere special. After assessing the structure and shape of your teeth, our dentist will tell you exactly how long you must keep them on every day. In most cases, dentists usually recommend wearing the aligners for, at least, 22 hours a day.

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign is applied to the teeth by our dentist to ensure a tight fit that leaves no room for the fixture to move. Once applied, the appliance’s built-in tension starts pulling the teeth in the intended direction. The material from which they are made is completely clear and blends with the natural color of the teeth.

Practical Benefits of Invisalign

Some of Invisalign’s advantages are:

The aligners are practically invisible to the naked eye. This is because the material used to make them is strong yet transparent. If the teeth are of a natural, off-white color, then the aligners will blend in with the teeth, making them undetectable.

Invisalign aligners are highly versatile and can be worn throughout the day, except when drinking and eating. Generally, Invisalign aligners may be left in place when consuming cold or hot beverages, but for the latter, it is better to take them off as higher temperatures may affect the durability and strength of the device.

Prior to eating, simply take off the aligners and proceed as usual. Make sure that, before putting the aligners back in, you have thoroughly rinsed your mouth and that there is no food debris left.

Invisalign’s tight fit is the result of custom molding, done by the dentist for each and every client. This snug fit delivers superior alignment as pressure is being applied to a larger surface area, thus providing better adjustment. And, because a larger surface area is being treated, all teeth move as one, resulting in more uniform alignment.

The Invisalign device adapts and adjusts to how teeth are supposed to be. This characteristic makes it a better and more convenient alternative for the client who intends to wear it long-term. There have been many instances when wearers have forgotten that they have them on due to how comfortable they are.

Invisalign suits an active lifestyle quite well since it does not require the wearer to take extreme precautions when it comes to food choices. All that is needed is to take out the appliances before eating. Prior to putting the aligners back in place, it is best to brush your teeth to ensure that no food debris remains that may get trapped between the aligners and the teeth.

Invisalign Teen

Teens have a lot on their plates between school, extracurricular activities and socializing with friends. Finding out they need braces can add one more stressor to an already lengthy list! Modern orthodontics have come a long way in recent years, and braces are now less obvious and more comfortable.

Invisalign Teen is a clear aligner system providing a nearly invisible way of straightening teeth using clear, removable aligners that are custom-made specifically for your teen’s teeth. These aligners replace the wires, brackets, and bands that traditional braces use. Invisalign Teen can successfully treat most mild to moderate cases of underbite, overbite, overcrowding, and gaps between the teeth.

What’s the Difference Between Invisalign and Invisalign Teen?

Clear aligners for adults have been available for over a decade, but until recently they weren’t recommended for teens in most cases. Why not? Chiefly, for two reasons: It was thought that teens wouldn’t always wear them for the recommended 22 hours per day; also, since many teens have some permanent teeth still erupting (emerging from below the gums), the precisely planned movement of the teeth might be disturbed.

Luckily, technology has come to the rescue. The first problem is addressed by “compliance indicators” located on the aligners themselves. These colored dots fade over time as the aligners are worn in the mouth, showing whether or not your teen has followed the plan. To solve the second problem, aligners made especially for teens come with “eruption tabs” built in; they are designed to hold space for teeth that have not yet fully erupted.

Porcelain Veneers In Woodland Hills, CA

Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve your appearance. These shells are bonded to the front of the teeth, changing their color, shape, size or length.

What Type of Problems Do Porcelain Veneers Correct?

  • Teeth that are discolored — either because of root canal treatment, stains from tetracycline or other drugs, excessive fluoride or the presence of large resin fillings that have discolored the tooth
  • Teeth that are worn down
  • Teeth that are chipped or broken
  • Teeth that are misaligned, uneven or irregularly shaped
  • Teeth with gaps between them

Porcelain veneers are stronger and more durable than composite resin veneers and last 10 to 15 years, while composite resin veneers last between five and seven years. Porcelain veneers also resist stains better than resin veneers and better mimic the light reflecting properties of natural teeth. As you might assume, porcelain veneers cost significantly more than composite veneers.

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Smile Makeovers In Woodland Hills, CA

A smile makeover is a process of improving the appearance of your smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as:

  • Dental veneers
  • Composite bonding
  • Implants
  • Teeth whitening

Some of the components taken into consideration include your facial appearance, skin tone, hair color, teeth (color, width, length, shape and tooth display), gum tissue and lips. Smile makeovers are performed for many reasons and customized according to your unique considerations.

Some aspects of your smile that your cosmetic dentist will review with you include the following:

Tooth Color: Silver or amalgam dental fillings can be replaced with natural, tooth-colored composite restorations, while teeth whitening can improve the color of stained or dulled teeth. Tooth color and shading are important considerations during the evaluation of and preparation for various procedures, including porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, composite bonding and dental implants.

Alignment and Spacing: Teeth that are crooked, overlapping or have gaps between them can be straightened and aligned when necessary through orthodontics or Invisalign and improved with veneers.

Missing Teeth: One or more missing teeth can negatively affect the appearance of your smile, as well as affect your bite and increase your risk for tooth decay, making replacement an integral part of oral health and facial esthetics. Missing teeth can be replaced by dental implants, bridges or partial dentures.

Harmony and Balance: Uneven, chipped and cracked teeth can be cosmetically bonded for an improved appearance, and a gummy smile can be recontoured to help improve the overall look of your smile.

Your dentist will work closely with you to develop a treatment plan designed to achieve exactly what you want from your smile makeover. Call our office today at 818-225-9410 and make an appointment today.

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