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What constitutes a dental emergency? In our office it includes toothaches, injuries to the mouth, abscesses, and even a chipped front tooth that is embarrassing. Our patients decide. If you think it’s an emergency and requires urgent dental care, that’s how we’re going to handle it.

Most things we see as emergency dentists are preventable with regular check-ups, brushing and flossing, and a diet that doesn’t cause cavities. A cavity is a hole in a tooth caused by acid, that once formed will continue to increase in size until it reaches the nerve in the tooth causing great pain.

We see patients each week that have a dental emergency . What an awful thing to have to deal with.

We’ll sound a little like your mom here, but regular dental care generally prevents emergency dental care. One way or another we’ll get to see you, and we’re always happy to take care of you either way. If you have an emergency and are unable to see us right away here are some home remedies for dental emergencies:

1.Clean the area. This is best accompished by gently flossing, brushing, and rinsing.
2.Rinse vigorously with warm salt water to dislodge any trapped food or debris.
3.Do not place an aspirin on your gums. It will not help and will cause a chemical burn.
4.Applying a cold compress may help to relieve pain and control swelling.
5.Consider taking a pain reliever. Tooth pain is generally caused by inflammation. An anti-inflammatory pain reliever may be helpful.
6.Call an emergency dentist. Toothaches are a sign that something is wrong. Even if the pain goes away, more than likely a condition exists that will get worse and eventially cause pain again.

We’d be glad to help.

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