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When Dr. Sanaz Yousefi fit you for your custom partial it designed to fit securely in the void left by your lost teeth. Even with this tight, custom fit, you might want to try using denture adhesive to give your partial an extra firm hold.

Denture adhesive has multiple benefits for partial wearers, as it can provide extra hold while also serving to block out food particles from working their way between the base of your partial and your gums.

If stray food particles do happen to work their way between the base of your partial and your gums, you should remove the partial at your earliest convenience and thoroughly rinse it clean. Then you can dry the partial with a paper towel to give you a smooth clean surface to reapply new fresh denture adhesive.

When shopping for denture adhesive, you should always look for the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. This seal represents that the product has been rigorously tested and researched to prove its safety and effectiveness.

When you take your partial out at night, be sure to rinse and brush it clean, then floss the neighboring teeth including the gum line.

If you’ve recently been fitted for a partial and you have questions about the best way to secure it in place and maintain it, please feel free to call Woodland Hills Family Dentistry at 818-225-9410 to schedule an appointment.