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Using tobacco to calm one’s nerves and anxiety is a well-established tradition for many. But so is the fallout from this habit. Cigarettes, cigars and tobacco pipes are hazardous to your overall health and your oral health as well.

According to the Journal of the American Dental Association, studies showed that cigar smokers had the same rate of tooth and bone loss in the jawbone that cigarette smokers had. Other negatively impacted oral health effects include:

–Tobacco users are more susceptible to oral infections and are slower to heal because smoking impedes normal cell function in gum tissue.

–Tooth enamel is discolored from heavy smoking, which ages smokers cosmetically!

–Smokers rely on hard candy and lozenges to mask their breath. This can result in excess sugar coating their teeth and increasing bacterial plaque and tartar. In time this can lead to gum disease.

–It is not just tobacco smoke that causes oral health problems. Chewing tobacco has nicotine and other chemicals which irritate the gum tissue and has been linked to oral cancer—cancer of the throat and the esophagus.

If you are ready to improve not only your overall health, but your dental health as well, see your doctor to find a cessation program that can help you kick the habit.

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