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What Happens if You Smoke with Dental Implants?
Dental Implants in Woodland Hills
To be a candidate for dental implant surgery, patients should be in generally good health and not have any conditions that may affect their ability to heal properly. What many people may not realize is that smoking can also complicate the healing process. More specifically, smoking can make good oral hygiene difficult to maintain, increase the risk of infection, slow the healing process, and even weaken bone structure. That’s why refraining from smoking before and especially after undergoing dental implant surgery is crucial for long-term success.
Research has shown that smokers are at a higher risk of dental implant failure compared to those who do not smoke. One study, in particular, looked at 66 implant patients over the course of five years. The failure rate of those who smoked was 15.8%, while the rate for those who refrained from smoking was only 1.4%. This goes to show that if you have dental implants, it’s in your best interest to quit smoking to ensure the investment you make in your teeth and oral health is worth it.
Our implant dentist, Dr. Raz priorities patient safety above all else, which is why she encourages patients to cease smoking prior to their dental implant surgery. By doing so, she says they’re being proactive in protecting their long-term health and lowering their risk of possible complications.
The Benefits of Coming in Now
At Woodland Hills Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we want you to visit our Woodland Hills dentist office at the first sign of discomfort. If you have a slight toothache or irritation in your gums, you can schedule a dental exam. If there is a problem, we can correct it immediately, rather than allowing it to grow and spread. In many cases, we can help you to avoid experiencing any significant discomfort by simply removing the decayed area while it is still small. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a dental emergency as an untreated cavity spreads. Fortunately, we make it easy to schedule a dental checkup with our Woodland Hills dentist office.
Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Dental Care
While we understand that many people wait to seek dental care due to anxiety, time, or finances, we do not recommend it. Instead, we suggest that you schedule a dental exam at least once every six months, even if you are not experiencing any discomfort. Doing so will allow us to remove any plaque or bacteria that is on your teeth, ensure that you do not have any cavities that are forming, and prevent you from experiencing gum disease. Our goal is to treat you before you have any health issues, and a dental checkup allows us to do so. We welcome you to come in so that we can protect and improve your oral health.

If you live in the Woodland Hills area, call (818) 225-9410 to schedule your dental exam so that you can remain in good health or receive treatment for a current condition.
Definition of Dental Terminology
Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry is generally used to refer to any dental work that improves the appearance (though not necessarily the function) of a person’s teeth, gums and/or bite.
Tooth decay is when the enamel of the tooth begins to decay and cause erosion from plaque and tartar on the teeth.
Dental Caries
Dental caries is also known as cavities and result from a lack of proper oral hygiene leaving plaque that forms tiny holes in the teeth.
Dental Checkup
A dental checkup is an appointment that involves cleaning the teeth, identifying any signs of infection and removing said signs of infection at least once every six months in the office.
Dental Filling
A dental filling involves restoring the structure of the tooth by using metal, alloy, porcelain or plastic to fill the tooth.
Dental Prophylaxis
A dental prophylaxis is a professional and detailed cleaning that involves the removal of plaque, calculus and stains from the teeth.
Dental Sealants
Dental sealants contain a resinous material that we apply to the chewing surfaces of the posterior teeth to prevent dental caries.
A dentist, also known as a dental surgeon, is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity.
Gingivitis is the inflammation of gum tissue that results from plaque, other infections in the mouth and poor oral hygiene.
Preventive Dentistry
Preventive dentistry is the dentistry that focuses on maintaining oral health in order to prevent the spread of plaque, the formation of tartar and infections in the mouth.
Tartar forms when plaque builds up on the surface of the teeth and calcifies into a hard surface that is much more difficult to remove and will require professional treatment.
Tooth Enamel
Tooth enamel is the protective visible outer surface of a tooth that contains the dentin and dental pulp.
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