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As you know, your children will eventually lose their teeth, but do you know when you should consider pulling their teeth? Similarly, when you should expect their teeth to come in?

You can probably expect your little one’s teeth to begin erupting when they’re about six months old–though teething has started as early as four months. Generally, your child should have all twenty of their baby teeth when they’re three years old. Incidentally, your child’s teeth should fall out in the order they came in. Typically, the bottom center teeth are the first to come in, meaning they’re also the first to go. Similarly, if your child’s teeth come in while they’re young, they’ll usually fall out earlier. Of course, each child loses teeth at different ages. Some children won’t lose their tooth until they’re eight years old.

Still, what do you after a child’s tooth is loose? Before you do anything, you should probably understand what’s happening. You see, when the tooth becomes loose, adult teeth have already started to grow and the baby tooth’s roots have retracted. Still, a small amount of tissue is holding the tooth in place. This means that once the tooth is extremely loose, you can pull it out. However, when you do, please make sure your hands are clean and use a cloth or tissue. To pull the tooth, please rotate it rather than yank on it.

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