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Wisdom teeth are your third molars that are typically removed during one’s teenage years; however, this is not always the case. If the teeth are erupted and do not affect the position of other teeth or one’s bite, they may be left alone as long as they can be cleaned and taken care of properly.


If your dentist determines that your wisdom teeth are impacted, you may require surgery. Impacted means that the teeth are enclosed within the soft tissue, or are full bony impacted wisdom teeth, which are enclosed within the jawbone. Symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth include:

  • Jaw pain
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding gums
  • Difficulty opening mouth

Soft Touch Dental provides its patients with some of the best wisdom teeth removal in Woodland Hills. At our state-of-the-art office, you will be under the care of dental professionals. Dr. Yousefi is available to answer all your questions before the procedure.


When you were a kid, you probably looked forward to some of the milestones that you saw older kids reach: your first lost tooth, your first airplane ride, your drivers’ license. Other milestones, you probably avoided as long as you could: your first heartbreak, your first broken bone, and the removal of your wisdom teeth.

But now the time has come, and your dentist says you need to remove your wisdom teeth.  Why is that important? Why do some people need them taken out? And, by the way, what are wisdom teeth?

Your questions answered

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that, for most people, come in between ages 17 and 25.  If they grow in correctly without crowding the rest of your teeth, then you probably won’t need them removed. But if your dentist says you need your wisdom teeth removed, there’s probably a reason. It may be that your dentist can foresee issues based on x-rays that show your wisdom teeth coming in, even if they haven’t caused you any pain yet.

Although wisdom teeth will not cause problems for everyone, they do have the potential to do serious damage in your mouth and undo orthodontics received in earlier years.


  • They’re coming in at the wrong angle
  • They’re impacted – or trapped in your jawbone or gums
  • There’s not enough room for them in your mouth

We understand that you may have questions about the procedure and whether or not it’s necessary for you. Dr. Yousefi would be happy to tell you why he does or doesn’t recommend that you remove your wisdom teeth. Some people can and do keep their wisdom teeth without any problems, but if your dentist does recommend it, it’s better to have the extraction procedure done before the wisdom teeth cause you pain or change the alignment of your other teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Woodland Hills, CA

You may need a wisdom teeth extraction at some point. It is rare for a person to have enough room for all of their wisdom teeth, and as a result, they tend to grow in impacted. This can be uncomfortable, push your other teeth forward, and create a space for food to become trapped, increasing your risk of infection and decay. This is why we often recommend that our Woodland Hills, CA patients have their wisdom teeth removed. When you schedule an appointment with Woodland Hills Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we can examine you, take x-rays, and let you know if and when you should schedule an extraction procedure. You can reach us by calling (818) 225-9410.

What is an extraction?

This is a dental procedure where your wisdom teeth are removed. How they are removed will be based on their current location and whether or not they are impacted.

What is the procedure like?

First, you will receive anesthesia in order to numb the area being worked on. Some dentists and oral surgeons may also offer nitrous oxide to help you relax or put you to sleep so you do not remember anything about the actual procedure.

If your wisdom teeth have grown in straight, removing them is fairly easy. In this case, you would visit a 91364 dentist to have them pulled out using dental tools. Most likely, no surgery would be required. However, if your teeth are impacted, the procedure requires oral surgery. In order to access the actual tooth, the gum tissue covering it will need to be cut open. After numbing the area, a flap will be created in the gum tissue. This allows the dentist or oral surgeon to view the tooth. If muscle or bone is covering it, that will also need to be cut away to provide clear access to the actual tooth. At this point, your Woodland Hills dentists may be able to grab the tooth and simply lift it out of the socket. If, however, it does not budge when being wiggled; the actual tooth will need to be broken into several pieces that can be extracted individually.

Once the tooth has been entirely removed, the area will need to be carefully cleaned. Afterward, the flap of gum tissue can lay flat and be sutured back in place. In order to stop the bleeding, the dentist will place gauze on the area.

What are the aftercare steps following wisdom teeth extraction?

Immediately following a wisdom teeth extraction, you will remain at the dentist office until the effects of the anesthesia have worn off. During this time, you will be monitored to ensure that any bleeding has slowed and that the gauze is working sufficiently. So long as it is, you will be sent home to finish your recovery. Just make sure you have someone pick you up so you do not need to drive home on your own.

At Woodland Hills Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we tell patients who are planning for an extraction to prepare ahead of time. You will need to rest when you get home, so have your bed ready with plenty of pillows to prop up your head. Fill your nightstand with water bottles, additional gauze, ibuprofen, and some good books or movies. Plan on taking it easy for the next 48 hours. During that time, you may want to eat a lot of popsicles, ice cream, yogurt, warm soup, Jell-O, and other foods that are soft and do not require chewing. You will be too sore to try and eat anything else.

To help control the swelling, you should ice your face for 15 minutes at a time and take ibuprofen around the clock. This should be done for 24 to 48 hours. Afterward, you may still need some ibuprofen, but icing may no longer be necessary. Gradually, you will be able to add in solid foods and begin to eat like normal. The key is to take it easy and not rush the process.

You will need to schedule a follow-up visit with the 91364 dentist who performed the procedure to ensure that you are healing properly. During this visit, you will get the sign off to return to normal eating habits.

How long is wisdom teeth extraction recovery time?

The first 48 hours are critical since this is when you may experience bleeding, pressure, and swelling. After this, it can take a week or two to recover fully. Your actual recovery time will be based on the procedure and whether or not your wisdom teeth extraction was completed with surgery.

How to prevent an infection after removal?

As a 91364 dentist, we are always concerned about infections post-surgery. Whether you have a wisdom teeth extraction or need to have another tooth removed, there is always the risk that the area will become exposed to bacteria. To prevent this, you should rinse your mouth periodically with warm saltwater. Brushing your teeth is also important, even though you need to carefully avoid the surgical site. In some cases, an antibiotic mouth rinse may also be prescribed.

Is a wisdom teeth extraction really necessary?

At Woodland Hills Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we understand that each of our patients is unique and so are their teeth. Whether or not you need to have your wisdom teeth removed by a 91364 dentist, we really depend on the size of your palate. If you have plenty of room for all of your teeth and your third molars, they can stay in place. There is no point in removing something that grows in straight and is healthy. However, any tooth that grows in impacted needs to be removed because it is posing a direct threat to your other teeth and roots in addition to being a target for infections. The best way to find out if your wisdom teeth should be removed is to call 818-225-9410 and schedule an appointment with our Woodland Hills dentists office. We can make a recommendation and answer any other questions you have about the procedure itself.

If you live in the Woodland Hills area, call (818) 225-9410 to schedule your dental exam so that you can remain in good dental health or receive treatment for a current condition.

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